Welcome to our Website. We thank all supporters, well-wishers and critics who have engaged with the party since 2007. Your kindness and feedback has always been valuable.

The second parliamentary elections are upon us. New parties are being registered and PDP welcomes all entrants wholeheartedly as they represent political diversity and choice. Furthermore, we congratulate and welcome all aspiring politicians who have stepped forward to participate in the 2013 elections.

PDP is prepared to offer the nation a choice to rise above our differences and to serve our King, country, and people to the best of our ability. We thank all Bhutanese who stood with the party in spirit as we disposed our constitutional duty of being a responsible opposition. While we have supported the government in its endeavors to serve the country, we have not hesitated to point out pitfalls. We have also offered solutions.

We have always reminded ourselves that while we have only two members in parliament, they represent the mandate of 33% of our voters. As such, we have never allowed our minority position in the National Assembly to deter us in fulfilling our constitutional responsibilities.

This website is not just about PDP. It is about you, the people. It is a platform to share your ideas on what you expect from PDP as we move ahead, as we prepare to serve in bigger capacities.

Wangtse Chirphel is not just a party ideology, it is a platform of discussion where we engage together to envision Bhutan’s present and future.

Let’s keep the conversation going.

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